Six Obstacles Preventing You from Achieving Your Goals in 2022.

As the year begins I want to talk about the “thing” that gets in the way of you achieving your goals.

Over the holiday break for me, it’s a great time to reflect on my past achievements for the year and look towards the next 12 months.

Once I go through the goals I have achieved and assessed where my success came from, I go about setting new goals for the coming year.

I make sure that I pat myself on the back and congratulate myself for the goals I have achieved.

Whenever I do this the question always comes up “How come I achieved some goals, while others were not achieved?”

They were all important to me or I would not have written them down in the first place.

No matter how much I tried to reach those goals for some reason they eluded me.

What did I learn?

  1. The goal might have been too much of a stretch.
  2. I did not give myself a realistic time to achieve it.
  3. I did not allocate the right time and resources to make it happen.
  4. I was not committed emotionally to it.
  6. I did not monitor it.

In my next article, I hope to give you some of the solutions to help overcome these obstacles to get you off to a good start in 2022.

Until then

Have fun selling your stuff in 2022.

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