Five Things Every Business Owner should Know before they hire a Sales Trainer

I am always being asked what makes good sales training and coaching?  Here are five tips I hope can help you make the right decision when it comes to hiring any sales trainer or sales coach.

1.The sales team don’t see the sales training as relevant to them.

Usually what happens is that a sales person will be sent on a sales training course and they get there and it’s straight out of a manual. Taught to them by rote and disappointing.

2. The ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t suit their business situation.

The trainer has not spent the time to evaluate the sales persons needs. Tailor making specific programmes work better.  Before any training ask the sales trainer to work with you on YOUR outcomes for the training programme.   

3. Lack of Outcomes once at the course.

This is similar to point two, sales people have different needs, just like their clients, many times sales people arrive at course and at are never asked what their specific outcomes today for this course.

4. Sales trainer, not a sales person.

In this case, it’s more about creditability, if the trainer has no experience selling in any form, it’s difficult to build rapport with the audience you are training. The theory is fine, but not realistic. Sales experience is must for a trainer. 

5. Learning as you go.

If the training is not carried out in an environment of learning and facilitation it’s seen as boring and lacking in depth. In the ever increasing world of soft skills training involving your participants in ‘learning by doing’ is a must.

These tips have certainly helped my clients and may help you.

Good selling

Mike Brunel – Author, Sales Trainer and Coach at Mike started after being a successful entrepreneur. He was a co-founder of NRS Media a global leader in media sales. His products and services generated $350 million a year in revenue for his clients.  He sold that business in 2014 and now consults to business owners throughout New Zealand and beyond. He works with any business that wants to increase sales that have a sales turnover of  1/2 million up to $10 million. He works closely with digital and marketing services to help attract sales for his clients.