Selling is not optional

How to master the most important skills in business and life

Why I wrote this book:

I love the profession of selling. In my heart, I do not think it is any different from any other profession. I get paid to practice my craft. No different than a lawyer, doctor or a candlestick maker. If you love what you do, and perfect what you do, you are a professional in your field.

The outcome of my book was to help those people who honestly think they are not in sales or are not cut out for selling.

It’s also for those business owners and sales people that think “If I could just overcome that one objection I come across every time I try to make a sale” or if “I could just get my people to sell more of my product instead of me” 

“If I could just get the right sales training advice, imagine how I could be better as a business owner or salesperson”

“If I could achieve that then I could have more time for me, and my family, and not always be stressed and anxious around sales.”

It really comes down being able to influence someone to invest in you or your product or service.

If you operate from integrity, and you are honest, and follow up with what you promise what you do, then stop thinking you are “afraid of the big bad sales”

This book was written to help you overcome your fear of selling anything.

How we think about sales, however, has more impact on your success than what you actually sell. In this book, we train you on the 7 steps to sales success following a typical selling journey.

Every sale that anyone makes is made up of steps. In this book, we teach you how to master those steps and make more sales.

Mike Brunel