One Hour a day to Accomplish Your Goals.

In our first article on goals for 2022, I talked about overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing those goals.

In this article, I am going to talk about, spending time each day to help you stay on track and chunk down the activity you devote to achieving your goals.

Do you know that every day you can create an hour to help fulfill your goals and keep you on track?

The answer is “start” each day a little earlier than your fellow workers.

And plan tomorrow today…

One of my early mentors and previous partners at NRS Media, Brian Duffy, taught me this valuable tip.

Plan Tomorrow Today – I first met Brian when he was a consultant to one of the first media companies I worked for.

He would always sit me down on his visits and ask me this simple question:

“Have you set goals for what you are going to achieve tomorrow? More importantly, have you looked at what you have achieved today and congratulated yourself?”

This piece of advice has stayed with me to this day. Most days I plan what I am going to do the next day using this simple method.

At the end of each day, I review what I have achieved for the day, taking about 30 seconds to mentally pat myself on the back.

Even if I only managed to get a couple of tasks done, this simple exercise gives you a sense of achievement. If you don’t do this, you honestly feel as if you have achieved nothing.

Acknowledge your achievements no matter how small they may seem. Every day is a path to appreciation of self.

I then look at what I have not been able to achieve due to timing and other factors and place them on my plan for the following day. No judgments.

I then look at all the meetings and appointments and place them on my plan for the following day as well.

Finally, I take about 10 minutes to study what my priorities are for the month, quarter and year. I select 3-4 goals I want to achieve as soon as I return to my office that is in alignment with these goals.

It works for me; it just might be the tonic for you.

Have fun selling your stuff in 2022.


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