As the year unfolds, it’s important to think about creating new habits and rituals for your sales team. Sales meetings can be time-consuming and unproductive if not run effectively, but by implementing a few simple guidelines, you can make them more productive and engaging for your team.

One of the most effective ways to improve sales meetings is to establish agreements that all team members must follow. These agreements should be clearly communicated and reinforced at the beginning of each meeting. Some examples of agreements that you could implement include:

  • 100% participation
  • Being on time
  • Encouraging questions and actively listening to feedback
  • Creating a positive and fun atmosphere
  • No distractions such as mobile phones or other electronic devices

It’s also important to set strict time limits for meetings, this will help keep the meetings on track and ensure that all important topics are covered. Additionally, clear communication and goal-setting are crucial to the success of sales meetings. This will keep team members focused and motivated throughout the meeting.

In summary, by implementing simple agreements and guidelines for your sales team, you can make meetings more productive and engaging for your team. Encourage participation, set strict time limits, and create a positive and fun atmosphere in your meetings. And remember to always encourage clear communication and goal-setting.

Mike Brunel started after being a successful entrepreneur and founder of NRS Media.  He co-founded NRS Media in Wellington, New Zealand, expanded it into a global powerhouse in media sales and training, and was eventually responsible for opening offices in London, Atlanta, Toronto, Sydney, Capetown, and Bogota. He has hired hundreds of salespeople around the world.

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