Trust Manifesto

You are only ever Selling Yourself!
“You want a course on selling? I’ll give you a course on selling. Do you
know what you sell? Only one thing. You, you only sell you.*

You don’t sell products, you don’t sell services. You don’t sell products or services.

You sell the value of the seller.

The decision of the buyer is based on the value of the seller.

Let me repeat that.

The decision of the buyer is based on the value of the seller.

They make up their mind about you in the first three minutes. 180 seconds:

  1. Is this person trustworthy?
  2. Are they valuable?
  3. Are they projecting the service that I want to buy?
  4. Are they worth the money I’m going to invest in this?

In other words, they’re not buying products.

Your service may be on every corner

They don’t buy the Product or Service.

They buy the sales executive’s trustworthy value.

All sales are based on referral and renewal.

And you never close a sale, you open a lifetime relationship based on mutual trust and mutual value.

Once lost, trust is never regained.”

*Adapted from D Waitley.

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