If you’ve read my last few posts. You’ll see that I’ve been discussing the mistakes business owners make ( I have made every one of them- no kidding!) when it comes to getting the right salesperson on your team.

I want to give you as much value as possible, so here are three essential hoops (as I call them) that you might want to consider when it comes to employing new salespeople.

Structure Not Gut

 Hoop 1- Company Culture Fit

Company Culture– While we believe that fitting in with the company culture is essential, as demonstrated in the graph on our FREE report, it makes up only 10%.

Don’t get too caught up in ensuring this is a significant part of recruiting.

Create a good job description.

This is a critical factor in hiring good salespeople. When you advertise for a salesperson, what do you ask?

How do you define the role? What are you looking for? What is the remuneration?

*Chet Holmes, one of my early mentors, always did this exercise when advertising for super salespeople.

Write down three initiatives that you would love to hire someone to do in your business.

Three only. Next to each one, do this:

What would it mean to your business?

How would it change your business?

Now list what you could afford to pay such people if they performed.

Do the exercise. This forms the foundation of a good job description.

Hoop 2- Structuring an interview – History of Success.

Once you get the CV’s for the position, look for a history of success. Somewhere, you can see a challenge, a life experience they overcame.

Structuring an interview- A structured interview process makes up 30% or a third of the process (FREE report). That’s a lot. In your structured interview, you should have some questions to ask after reading the CV. Here are a few to start with.

How do you function as a team?

How do you feel about operating in a team environment?

Do you like working on your outside of that team?

Can you tell me when you were asked to do a project independently? What was it?

These questions might get the process moving.

Challenge the candidate– You are hiring salespeople to do a specific job. Human beings inherently will do anything to avoid pain.  However, in the business of selling, rejection is part of what selling is, and it can be painful.

If everyone got 100% of the business every time they presented a product, the salesperson would be out of business.

If you are hiring a salesperson to sell your product and prospecting is part of that, would you not at least ask them, “What happens when you get a ‘ No!’ – How do you react?”

Ask them this, and see what happens: “ You know what, I’m not convinced you are the right person for this job.” Observe their reaction. Do they sit there? Or do they do something that indicates they might do the same with a client?

Hoop 3- Assessment Tools

This also makes up 30% of the job evaluation- We take a lot of guidance from these types of assessments and go into more detail here: Download my FREE report. We used to call these the B.S. detector.

We carried these assessments out in my company specifically for the roles we were looking for, in salary and performance-based positions.

Our salespeople had to work alone. We had salespeople sprinkled worldwide, usually unmanaged, working in an unstructured environment.

We had to be clear on what we were looking for. That’s where traits/ behaviours come into play.  We knew we had to hire for the task, not just the attitude.

In my next post, I explain what I look for in a salesperson and how I came to that.

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Mike Brunel started mikebrunel.com after being a successful entrepreneur and founder of NRS Media.  He co-founded NRS Media in Wellington, New Zealand, and expanded it into a global media sales and training powerhouse. He was eventually responsible for opening offices in London, Atlanta, Toronto, Sydney, Capetown, and Bogota. His products and services are now sold in 23 countries and 11 languages, generating $350 million annually in sales for his clients. Mike sold the company in 2015 and now spends his time following his passions, including rugby and travel. His promise: “I can find thousands of dollars in your business within minutes – GUARANTEED”  TRY ME!