Last week we talked about the promise and painting a picture of a product we were selling.

Now I want to discuss proof.

You have to show them PROOF.

You have to prove to your client that what you have just said is true and you have to prove it to their satisfaction.

How do you do that?

Well in a funny kind of way you go back to the features, you know the blah, blah, blah bit.

Let me tell you about this electric bike, it uses rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, low cost, energyefficient, and is emission-free.

You do it in the way of a summary.

  1. The promise you made
  2. The benefit you promised
  3. The Proof

It might go like this:

Here are some facts about the bike that support the promise we talked about” or “Let me tell you about this electric bike, it uses rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, low cost, energyefficient, and emission-free.

Build-in facts about the bike.

Or introduce a third party.

A satisfied customer – A testimonial from a happy customer that bought that exact bike.

Or Creditability- Health benefits, or facts from a local sports medicine person.

The key with proof is to build as much creditability that all the bases are covered.

Real people are the best.

Whatever proof you can put forward helps the sale move forward.

So what is next?

It’s pinpointing why this product is unique. It’s time to tell your client why this is the bike for them.

If you know some of the features of the bike are unique and they may not get these with other bikes, then this is when you position the uniqueness.

It’s called a unique sell proposition or commonly known as a USP and sits inside my Pitch perfect Programme.

This is when you can get the client really excited about your product.

They are now ready to buy.

In our last blog in this series, we talk about the Offer and the Close.

It’s really what you are here for, TRUE?

See you next week with the last two elements of the Structure of a Sale.

Mike (nearly there) Brunel.

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