In 1963 meteorologist Edward Lorenz announced a stunning discovery.

For decades, people had viewed the universe as a large machine in which causes matched effects. “Cause and effect” it is sometimes known as, or “what you reap you sow.”

He discovered The Butterfly Effect; it is the concept of small things having major effects.

My young daughter only asked me last week if I had heard of the butterfly effect, I said it was about cause and effect, she said

“Dad, it’s about a butterfly flapping its wings in Sydney, and creating a hurricane in Atlanta.” Really I said “Yes cause and effect”

Edward Lorenz said that it specifically refers to the idea that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing in March, then, by August, hurricane patterns in the Atlantic will be completely different. Here is an example of this theory:

If the butterfly in Beijing flapped its wings, it would create tiny wind patterns that would affect a passing breeze, which would, in turn, affect local wind patterns, which in turn might turn a storm slightly off course.

Since the storm’s original direction was two degrees more to the south, the storm will no longer hit a particular mountain range and dissipate. Instead, it continues in a different direction and lasts longer than it otherwise might have, which causes more weather events to happen.

I have always maintained that this very thought of making tiny adjustments, creates huge efforts. If you understand this very simple theory, then every idea you read and implement will cause some kind of effect somewhere.

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