What not to do when Hiring Salespeople.

Hire in your own likeness- A potential salesperson comes in to meet with you, and within a short time you have hit it off, you may have even shared some key rapport-building facts about each other.

Of all the applicants that you have spoken with, this one is the one that you like the most. Your gut feels great, you like him, he reminds you of a younger you. You hire you.

Now you might be the best salesperson in your business, but if you want to grow, you better make sure that you do more than just hire on your gut.

It’s a good feeling to have, but there are other factors that come into play.

 Fill a hole, find a salesperson.

This is a big mistake that I see all the time. Hiring under stress. As the saying goes “Hire slowly Fire quickly.”  As a business owner, we do feel the pressure of getting a position filled.

Maybe, as a Sales Manager, you may feel the pressure to fill the quota and get the sales back on track. It’s natural that you push them through quickly. I have been guilty of this myself until I learned that hiring to fill a hole is a recipe for failure. How do you learn? Watching that money flush down the “you know what”!

No one can sell as well as you do”

This one is a beauty. You are afraid to hire because they might just not be as good as you. I remember taking on a position of Sales Manager in a company, to find that the amazing sales manager I replaced had all the top clients, held onto them, and starved the team of success.

No one could sell like him I was told. Well, guess what? When I gave some of his clients to the other members of the team, the business never looked back.

If your business is going well and you want to grow, this attitude will stop you in your tracks.

Growth only comes in a business if you are prepared to hire more ‘how’ people that can free you up to help you make better decisions around what you are good at.

I can pretty much guarantee my clients a foolproof way to multiply their business tenfold. Hire more people to do the how and you do what you get excited about.

Those are the big three mistakes that business owners make when it comes to hiring salespeople.

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Mike Brunel started mikebrunel.com after being a successful entrepreneur and founder of NRS Media.  He co-founded NRS Media in Wellington, New Zealand, expanded it into a global powerhouse in media sales and training, and was eventually responsible for opening offices in London, Atlanta, Toronto, Sydney, Capetown, and Bogota. His products and services are now sold in 23 countries and in 11 languages generating $350 million annually in sales for his clients. Mike sold the company in 2015 and now spends his time following his passions which include rugby, travel. His promise: “I can find thousands of dollars in your business within minutes – GUARANTEED”  TRY ME!