Did you miss out on a sale today because you could not handle that objection you received from your client? Or you visited half a dozen clients, presented your best proposal and still were not successful?

I am about to show you a technique for getting those most difficult objections answered in a way that you will feel more confident, overcome that frustration you are having currently with your clients, and get management off your back.

Here is how it works.

Did you realise that most objections come in two areas of a sales call?

  1. Appointment setting
  2. Proposal or presentation

Get the appointment.

I am going to talk about the first one, appointment setting. The number one mistake that many salespeople do is try to answer the objection straight away on the phone instead of getting the appointment. 

Why do they do that? Many salespeople forget that they are purely phoning to get the appointment.

A business owner might say “I’m not interested” Once a salesperson hears that objection, they try to answer it instead of ignoring it. Why ignore it?

Because by not ignoring it what you are allowing to happen is giving back control to the client.

You are losing control. When this occurs you feel stupid and you lose confidence and give up.

Instead of hearing the objection, acknowledging it, and asking again for the appointment you just want to answer it.

Or give up on the first objection and hang up. 

Here is what to do instead:  If you hear an advertiser say “I’m too busy” do this step-by-step approach.

  1. Acknowledge the objection. Acknowledging the objection with a statement like “I understand” or I appreciate that you are busy so therefore I won’t keep you long” These are called softening statements, or acknowledgement phrases. By saying I understand what you are actually saying to the client is that ‘you hear them’.  
  1. Do not answer the objection. The key however, is not to get into a discussion with the client but use a well crafted reply to get the appointment. Please remember your first task is to get the appointment. You may use something like;

“I understand, I know you are busy, that is why I will only keep you for a minute, I wanted to come and see you and talk about a few things to see if we are a fit.  I have some research on your industry that I would like to share with you.”

Well scripted answers like these allow you to stay on track and stick to your objective.

  1. Keep answering the objection. Using steps 1&2 by using other well crafted answers to overcome those new objections that clients have thrown at you. Here is one for “I’m not interested”!

“I understand, many of my clients tell me that, but when I sit with them and work through some of my specific questions designed for a business like yours, they do become interested. Would it be okay if I could sit with you next week?”

Using these simple scripts will certainly help you to overcome these common objections.

In the upcoming Sales Mindset Blueprint we have created a game that will help you get better at matching up the concerns your client may have with questions that help you discover the problem.

We will keep you posted on where to go to register for the objections game soon.


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Good Selling

Mike Brunel