This secret or tip has worked pretty much every time I have tried it.

Imagine this is your first call to your client, you have just inherited a client list from your sales manager, you know the one…

“Its gold coated and will bring you in thousands and thousands of dollars.” Or so the sales manager thinks.

When you make your first appointment with a new client, say to them just before you get off the phone “I’m looking forward to meeting you, how many staff do you have because I have a surprise for you”

Pick up morning tea

On the way to the call, pop into your local bakery and “pick up morning tea”.

When you get to the appointment, leave everything in the car except your business card, walk on in and present your surprise…  It will work I can guarantee it…why… it breaks the ice, the client sees no briefcase, no salesman talk, they relax,

Some of the staff are won over straight away, and you get to find out more about your client in a more relaxed manner. If your client says no thanks then they are not worth having.

Have a great week and have fun selling your stuff.


Good selling


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