“Unconventional Lessons from a Rugby Loss: Humorous Insights and Unexpected Wisdom”

This past weekend, my national sports team suffered a major defeat in a rugby match against their arch-rivals, South Africa.

In fact, it marked the most significant loss the All Blacks (my rugby team) have faced in their century-long history.

Every conceivable mishap unfolded on the field—dropped passes, failed team plays, missed tackles, questionable decisions under pressure—it was akin to witnessing a disastrous train wreck in real-time.

So, what’s the approach when your team experiences such a failure?

I proposed to a few friends the idea of inviting the entire team to watch a horror movie together, a concise 90-minute experience. The stipulations? No mobile phones, no audience beyond themselves.

In this analogy, that horror movie represents the game itself. And they have the distinct privilege of re-watching it.

Anticipating this, the team knows it’s coming. This concept serves as an invaluable lesson for me, compelling me to review my own missed opportunities, lost sales, and neglected contacts.

We all stumble; it’s an inevitable part of our journeys.

For my part, I ensured that I took complete ownership of my team’s errors, offered constructive feedback, and looked ahead.

Sports often mirror life, embodying both victory and defeat.

But I prefer to reinterpret that dichotomy as “winners” and “learners.”

We’re left to ponder—what did we glean from this experience, and how will we apply those lessons in the future?

Wishing you a productive week ahead.

Best regards,

Mike (A Devoted All Blacks Rugby Fan Forever ) Brunel