As the year unfolds it might be useful to think about creating some new habits and rituals for your salespeople.

I find that most of us like rules, that being, rules that support us to get the job done.

I know from experience that sales meetings can be some of the most time consuming, and boring aspects to sales.

Rant And Rave

Every week all over the world salespeople are subjected to a rant and rave from a sales manager who runs a meeting with no direction, a meeting with no agenda, no concept of time and usually run by members of the “we know it all brigade.

I think one of the weaknesses of a lot of sales meeting besides agenda and strict time limits are agreements

Agreements Work

Everywhere I go and present I like to set up some agreement, some guidelines on how I run my event, team talk or presentation.

If it is with a bunch of salespeople I usually use this process and do it at the beginning of every meeting.

Some groups Agreements

  • Participate 100%
  • Be on time
  • No such thing as a stupid question
  • Have fun!
  • No missiles / no mobile phones!

Try them out for your next meeting.

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