This week I wanted to share a question that one of my clients asked me in a call last week.

We were talking about ideas to motivate her team.

This was her question:

‘How do I get my team to think like me, or to at least follow some of my behaviours?’

We got talking about her love of reading; any books on business that she could get her hands on, she would read.

It was a habit she had learnt long ago, from one of her original managers.

She had discovered by reading these books, which shared successes in other companies, that she could apply many things she learned to her own business.

Start a library.

I said to her “why don’t you start a company library?”

She looked at me with a bit of a sideways glance, and said, “You aren’t serious?”

“Yes I am,” I said.

Not only start up a library but bribe them to read a book a month.

Tell them that you will pay a $50 bonus for every book report they submit each month.

It does not have to be a fifty-page novel, just a few pages on the key points they learnt from the book.

Whoever reads the most over the year, gets an iPad preloaded with a collection of both your, and their favourite books.

You will certainly notice a difference in their attitude.

It’s also a way to quietly bed down your culture.

The ones that you notice will go that extra mile and do the reading, are the people that you want in your organisation.

Have a great week.


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