Here’s my tip for this week and it’s from some reading that I’ve been doing over the weekend.

Sales team can be effective if…

How do you make your sales force more effective?

In the video blog I mention a couple and here they are in more detail.


Everyone in sales and in a team must have a systematic approach to running their sales organisation.

Therefore, that involves skill sets, making sure you’re doing a lot of training, understanding the processes and measuring your output.

We are all in this.

The sales manager has a critical role to play in his or her team, and even though it can be complex at times, it’s important that you understand your role in the organisation.

I believe it doesn’t matter what sort of business you are, the business as a whole makes sales more successful, not just the salesperson.

That’s an important one to remember.

Keeping customers is not enough.

Keeping customers is a basic requirement for a sales team.

I think we know that, as a sales organisation, but finding and winning new customers is your lifeblood.

Continually upskilling and training is paramount.

When it comes to you as a salesperson you have to keep looking for where you are strong, naturally, but also where you need some more help and updating new skills, etc.

If you’re a sales manager or business owner and you have a sales operation it’s important to create the right climate in the team, between you and the team everyone has to be comfortable about that.

You want to think about sharing any success your team may have with the group, or other people who are selling, go on visits with the team, and so on.

This is the time to stay ahead of all the challenges facing us as business owners and salespeople.

Have a great week.

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