Every sale is set up before, made during, and then finalised, after.

We can influence all of these areas and ultimately, almost guarantee that a sale is made.

So, what do I mean?


Before every sale begins to take shape, we decide that we want to work with a particular client. We prospect them, qualify them, and prepare an approach, using all our knowledge and understanding of what that client may want, or need.

The work that we do at the beginning before the first contact is ever made is something that can make, or break, a sale.

This must be one of the most important cycles in the sale. Many salespeople do, however, neglect it. Without organising their thoughts before the sale, they march on in and make a bad job of the next point.


During an interview or first meeting, it is time to listen for clues, ideas and breakthroughs that you might just be able to solve for your client.

 If you are quiet, ask the right questions and listen carefully; your subconscious might just take over and provide you with an answer to what your client may be talking about. Great ideas come from your subconscious mind when it is quiet and open to information.

By listening during this meeting, and not (as so many salespeople do) talking, the relaxed mind takes over.

I think part of the reason we do not have breakthroughs with many of our clients is that we are not open to them.

It’s been said that a breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic, and important event or discovery.

‘A light went on’ or ‘I have the answer’ are terms that spring to mind.

However, you will NOT have a breakthrough if you think:

  1. I CAN’T
  2. This person will not BUY my product
  3. They DON’T like my company
  4. They will not BUY ME


After you discover this breakthrough, you will realise that the further you distance yourself  from selling your stuff and actually listening for clues, finding a way to quiet your mind, looking for the reason not to talk, you might get to work with that client long after the first contact.

Good selling.

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