Harnessing the power of Testimonials

At least once a month at my place, on a Friday night, my family will have to make a major decision:  ‘What takeaways are we going to have tonight’?

A third world problem right?

An old ritual from days gone by.

I am sure the Friday takeaway ritual came from my own family when all of us would pile down to the fish and chip shop, and get to choose between a sausage, hot dog and fish with a few chips thrown in, then wait in the car eating them, while Mum and Dad nipped off to the pub for a quick drink.

New experience

In our family now  we might want to try something different and go out to a café or restaurant.

When that happens the question always comes up ‘what’s new in town’ or ‘, what was the name of that place that my mate Dave was talking about last week’?

Following this, we’ll call or text Dave to ask him what the restaurant was called because we know he’s pretty reliable when it comes to good food!

Why we need assurance – Power of Testimonials

What people say about you is 10 times more powerful and believable than what you say about yourself.

Deep down you know that Dave would not recommend that restaurant unless he enjoyed it.  He is telling you from his own experience and that is very, very powerful.

You have your own interests at heart

It’s a lot harder to sell something to someone because naturally you have your own interests at heart.

What your clients may want is another way to make a decision. This is why an opinion from a third-party could be very influential, just like Dave influenced my decision on a restaurant.

The point is that getting someone to recommend you helps a lot. If it does not work out you can always blame Dave- no just kidding!

 Create and use testimonials

There are a few tips I’ve come across in my time about receiving great testimonials, but one stands out as pretty crucial; be specific.

The more specific you are about the outcome you want, the more targeted your endorsement will be.

Let me give you an example. If you ask a client for a testimonial ask this way.

‘Hi John, can you describe the one or two most important benefits you’ve gotten the most from working with us… please explain specifically what you’ve gained from the experience:

The second one I often ask is:  ‘Describe in Detail What Part of Your Experience with us made you the happiest?’

This question taps into the emotional side of the experience, and that is where you will understand what drove your clients to use you in the first place.

In summary, be specific, and don’t forget to ask for their thoughts around the emotional experience..

Have a great week, see you soon.



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