£25 and a Dream

Down under the under, a term I used to tell my American clients to describe where New Zealand was to Australia.

This time of year is a chance to reflect on the year thus far.

It’s a chance to reflect on what makes this part of the world special.

And why I think that we Kiwis are a clever bunch of people regarding innovation and following our dreams. (Even if I say so myself)

Every year down under the under, most of us get to take a few weeks away to enjoy our summer. I get to go to a family beach house I have been going to for 20 odd years.

Most of my partner’s family have been going to this part of the world much longer, probably three generations.

The beach is a five-minute walk; it’s a daily ritual with two children and Maude, the dog.

Part of the summer holidays is reading; I usually find fiction an easy read about not much.

Kind of takes your minds off things if you can sprinkle that with the odd nonfiction; it gives you some balance.

Those that have read some of my thoughts on goal setting know that I am not big on doing these in the New Year… I tend to set them at different times of the year, so they overlap.

I was looking through some of my posts from years ago, and I came across this one, £25 and a Dream.

I always look at and add some more thoughts to the story around this time of year.

It’s essential, I think, in this day and age when our young folk think that they are the only pioneers of entrepreneurship, that we did have trailblazers paving the way, with as much passion and determination dating back a year or two.

Over the last two years, Covid has taken away our young ones yearning for travel; this story is a good reminder to dust off the travel bug and explore again.

To the post, one of the books I read on my summer holiday a few years back was:   “Only Two Seats Left”, the story about Contiki.

Its author and Contiki founder, John Anderson, blends his autobiography and tales of travel into a great read its New Zealand’s great untold business stories.

A story about a company that started on just £25 pounds and became a worldwide travel company.

For those that do not know about Contiki, it’s a travel company for the 18-35-year-olds.

You can explore Europe and other parts of the world with other young people your age. Many friendships are formed that have lasted years. He says that he thinks the company is responsible for over 5000 marriages.

It impacted so many young people, and these are told in this great read.

There are also some great lessons we could all take note of if we are in sales,

I will explore a few with you with a few revamped posts and lessons I learned from John’s book.


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Good Selling

Mike Brunel