80%……….Of all sales are made after the fifth call
48%……….Of all salespeople call once and quit
25%……….Call twice and quit
10%……….Keep on calling

These statistics are pretty close to the mark in all forms of selling and ring especially true in media sales.

I think that we all know SALES DON’T JUST HAPPEN.

Why do many of the great media salespeople thrive when others do not?
Here are some ongoing practices I observe every day.

1. Always add to your pipeline.

Always add to your pipeline. This is often a mistake that media salespeople make once they have established a strong ongoing funnel. If you continue to add to your pipeline then if that long-established client decides that this month they will not buy, it does not matter because you have potential opportunities in your pipeline.

If you are always taking the position of helping and assisting your client, then your pipeline will increase. If you are only filling up your pipeline when you are desperate then many clients will sense that, and you will come across as desperate.

2. Never assume they need you.

I have noticed that many salespeople leave a message with a client or a voicemail and they think it ends there. They think that they have done what they had to do and then move on.

Depending on the relationship you have with that client, they may or may not call you back.

If you do want to do business with them, you have to plan that call and decide the ongoing strategy to get the person to respond.

Create a proactive message for them to call you back.

3. Sales potty training.

For those that may have had young children there was a time when you had to train them to go to the toilet. In my experience (a while ago) I always used to say, “Pee or get off the pot” In other words, make a decision.

Therefore, there will be times when you have to make a decision to get off the pot, some clients need to be let go, you need to figure out if a prospect is serious about working with you or not. A good pipeline is full of qualified prospects and not “tyre kickers”

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