Here’s my tip for this week, and it’s to do with verbal skills.

We don’t talk anymore.

It’s something I’ve noticed more and more, and it’s become so bad, that the market has been conditioned to accept it.

It’s the phone.

The reason for the lack of verbal skills is this amazing computer we hold in our hands.

It’s an amazing computer that we use every day. Right now, I can record a video and send it to my PA. She can then tidy it up, put captions on it, and put it on LinkedIn – to which I’m delivering this particular bit of content on. And you’re reading or listening to it right now, amazing.

What about a new phone?

However, wouldn’t it be great for your sales team if we asked this question?

“Why don’t we do this? Today we’re going to lock away our phones and introduce this new phone, it’s actually a real phone. It’s got a receiver and all of these buttons on it, and it’s not connected to the internet.”

Cause the truth is?

The truth is that it focuses us on one task – verbal skills.

The skills to communicate verbally with no distractions, a fixed focus on getting face-to-face, qualifying your clients, and finding out their problems.

What it does not do.

It doesn’t allow you to hide behind email, hide behind text, and other digital options.

Sure, we might have to do all of those things, but my view is, the best relationships are face-to-face, sitting down, talking with your clients and finding out what their problems are.

Review your success.

Do this simple exercise. Select your 10 best clients and ask yourself this question:

“Did I get these clients without face-to-face verbal communication? Have I met them? Do I meet them regularly?”

The money is often made simply by staying in touch.

Have a great week.

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