Selling yourself first

One of the key components to selling is selling yourself first.

These days, where online content is just a click away; where your clients often already know a lot about the features of your product thanks to the likes of Google, online reviews and such being so readily available – selling yourself still plays a big part in the sale.

Emotion plays a part

Any sale is made up of a client understanding your product and then taking an emotional attachment seeing it work in the future.

Future results – if you think about it – is what a client has to know first, so you are then able to engage them emotionally to buy your product or service.

This is not new by the way.

Including the future

Understanding what future your client wants, and delivering that solution, is one of the key aspects to discovery. 

In my book ‘Selling is not optional’, I talk about this as the Path.

Knowing where the client is now, and where they want to be

However, before all of that, you need to sell yourself first.

When I work with a client I need to sell myself first on:

  1. What’s the outcome? What am I trying to achieve here?
  2. What is the key difference I’m going to make with this client?
  3. What are they actually buying off me and can I deliver it?

If I don’t sell myself on those questions, then I usually don’t move forward.

Path is really about that, knowing that I can deliver something better for the client in the future.


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