Is 65 too old to sell? When do you retire? Are you over the hill at 65?

Here is an example which proves that age is no barrier, when it comes to selling.

I have a friend who owns a large real-estate company in one of our provincial cities. The population of this city is around 100,000 people.

It’s a beautiful part of my country and folk flock there in the Summertime for its amazing weather.

Last week, I caught up with him and we got talking about how things were going, sales, management issues, and the usual stuff we chat about when we see each other.

Performance incentive.

As an incentive for his staff, he offers the top ten salespeople for a calendar year the opportunity to win a few days away at an exotic designation.

This is hotly sought after and keenly fought for.

I asked how it was going and he remarked that it had just been announced and he had 10 winners again this year.

They were all excited and were off to a great destination.

I asked what type of people were going, and the mix, were they male? Female? Younger? Older?

Guess what? This year, the 10 winners were nudging 65 and were all women.

That’s right, an age when most of us would be thinking about retirement.

Working Hard.

Make no mistake, the company my friend owns is one of the best in his region, and if you want to win awards, you have to work really hard, and knuckle down to make it happen.

An excellent example.

So, is 65 too old to sell? The lesson I took away from this example was that working hard and carrying out the disciplines of selling was not limited to age, but attitude.

Age is no barrier to success, and these women proved it.

It’s also a great example about avoiding putting people in boxes and stereotyping them.

We often do that with our clients, using phrases like “They will never buy” or “They tried my product once and they said it did not work”

Maybe this week, think about all those women celebrating success because they worked hard and performed well and that age was no barrier.

Well done, I say.

Good selling.

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