Ask the right questions.

What are the best questions to ask a client when you first begin to work with them?

The outcome for every meeting is your discovery.

In the ol’ days we called it ‘consultant sell’. It went like this: “Find out where they are now. Where do they want to be?”

But what’s the bit that is missing in the middle? It’s where the solution to the problem often sits. It might be you, it might be your product.

I am naturally a curious person, I like to ask lots of questions.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame used to say: “The power is in the question”

Try to blend these into your conversation, I promise they are quite revealing.

3 Questions that might help you make more sales.

I ask a lot of questions in my discovery, and the first one is ‘churn’.

I ask the client to look at the past month or 90 days, or six months, and find out how many clients are not returning to invest money with them.

How many dollars did they lose to churn?

What’s the life time value?

The second question I ask is: What is your customer’s lifetime value?

In other words, how many clients have actually bought off you more than once over the last month, over the last 90 days, over the last 12 months?

Because if you are able to figure out what the lifetime value is, you can make a more accurate investment on getting new leads into your business.

Anyone else I can help?

The final question that I ask is “How many referrals did you get last month?

We touched on this a little bit in my previous tips last week.

We called it the curve of gratitude.

How many people did you ask this question this week?

“Is there anyone within your group, within your family, within your business, or friends, that you feel could use my help?”

If you know how to fix churn, understand life time vale, and look for referrals, you are ahead of the curve.

Have a great week.

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