7 Day Sales Course (Audio & PDF Download)


Learn how to get started on the road to more sales.


In this audio programme, you will discover.

  • The untold secret on why your customers buy off you.
  • Mike’s 2 secrets around features in your product and why benefits are MUCH more important.
  • Why you might be losing sales and what to do about it.
  • How to use negotiation to your advantage. A simple three step process to qualify your clients.
  • Find out quickly a Yes or a NO.
  • & much more!

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What you receive:

  • 20 minutes (Seven (7) MP3 recordings of the CHANGING YOUR SALES MINDSET 7 DAY CHALLENGE.
  • In addition, the PDF booklet that will give you the lessons all laid out for you to follow.


It’s just $199.



Lesson 1

6 easy questions on discovering what may be preventing you from making more sales

Lesson 2

Learn the SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats) model for selling your product or service.

Lesson 3.

Learn why you might be missing out on potential clients and tips on how you can overcome it.

Lesson 4

Key questions to ask yourself every day that helps you feel at ease with your customers or clients.

Lesson 5

Discover the power of benefits. Benefits are the secret to selling your product or service.

Lesson 6

A full proof checklist for a successful negotiation.

Lesson 7

Learn how to upsell cross sell easily with proven customer service tips.

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